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What if I told you that you can generate content for hundreds of blogs at once?

The world's first fully automated blog content generation tool - Profit Generator!

Generates 100's of articles with one click

With one click, you can find ideas for hundreds of articles. With a second click you can add them to our "schedule" tool.

Using GPT-3/chatGPT, TextBuilder will automatically generate all articles for you.

At the time specified by you, TextBuilder will automatically publish them to your WordPress blog.

Fully automated chatGPT/GPT-3 Workflow Scripts

Get high-quality text using our super powerful, fully automated 1-Click article generator.

You can also build your own "1-Click" writer that will use your prompts. In this way, you get full control over every text that TextBuilder will generate and automatically publish on your WordPress blog.

You can write Top 10 Best... or Buyers Guides within minutes.

Get hundreds of articles with one click!

Save time and make money!


Auto Writer - Fully Automated 1-Click Article Generator

The world's fastest 1-click article generator.

Auto Writer by TextBuilder is a super powerful and impressive tool that can generate 5000+ articles with one click

Auto Writer is designed for professionals who need a lot of high quality articles. Auto Writer is for those who own multiple blogs, PBNs, SEO agencies or who write a lot and need a lot of articles!

5000+ Words Article with 1-Click

Thanks to Auto Writer unique multi-level algorithm, TextBuilder can generate a 5000+ word blog post in one click.

Regenerate Everything

You can regenerate any part of the text with one click. You can also regenerate the whole article (based on existing outlines).

Get Topic Ideas from SERP

Just enter keywords and get ideas topic or outline ideas for your next article from Google results.

Grab Outlines from URL

Get the Outlines from any website. You can completely copy your competitor's outlines with one click.

Add Images to Articles (soon)

Add photos from Pexels.com. Or use the AI picture generator to generate a completely new and unique picture.

WordPress Plugin (soon)

Publish any article instantly to WordPress. Just one click and the formatted text will be published on your WordPress blog.

Use ChatGPT Prompts!

Fully compatible with chatGPT prompts

Magic Commands or ChatGPT with a convenient WYSIWG text editor!

Magic Commands is our bestseller. And since Magic Commands uses the new GPT-3.5, you can use exactly the same chatGPT commands and get the same and even better text.

AI Text Builder

Worlds first Drag & Drop text builder for Affiliates!

Generate long, high-quality articles and reviews with one click. Write and earn more from your affiliate blog.

You can Build:
  • TOP 10 Best [product] Listicles
  • Affiliate Product Reviews
  • How-to Blog posts
  • Buyers Guide blog posts
  • And more Affiliate and Blog Content
AI Long-Form Writer

Long-form text writer for copywriters and bloggers

Write unique and creative text 10x faster. It's the AI writing assistant you always wished you had.

You can Write faster:
  • A long blog posts for any niche
  • How-to style articles
  • Guest posts for blogs
  • E-Books
  • Articles for Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
AI Templates

Super fast text generator for ads, websites and startups.

Enter information and generate long, high-quality ads, blog intros, outlines, startup growing ideas and more.

  • Ads Copy (AIDA, PAS, Facebook, etc)
  • Social Media Content
  • Shopify/Amazon Product Descriptions
  • Texts for Websites
  • E-Mails

We Did It! 7'512 Customers Can't Be Wrong

TextBuilder.ai is used by Affiliate marketers, Copywriters, Bloggers, Ad experts and Startup founders from all around the world.

Being a blogger and author, I need a tool that I can easily use to create unique content for my various online projects. Textbuilder is such a tool that generates unique content in a fast and simple way and helps me save a lot of time. I'm impressed with the quality of the content it generates. Working with writers for years now, and Textbuilder beats them all hands down. It helps me create more and better content, and I love the way it organizes my ideas. It helps me to create blog posts, affiliate product reviews, E-books, Emails, Youtube video scripts, and many more. It is like having a ghostwriter for my blogs. It works very well, even for people who aren’t experts in creative writing! I recommend this product to everyone!

Harry Bardoliya
Sohel Rana
Affiliate Marketer

I know it sounds crazy but I saw huge potential in your tool so I am stopping using Closercopy, WordHero, Jasper (Standard Plan), and Frase to use only your tool. Your tool is amazon affiliate friendly that's why it's a big deal for an Amazon affiliates like me. For sure I will promote this tool to my friends and followers who learn from me.

I have many affiliate blogs where I write products reviews and where I make money from Amazon associates programm. Thanks to TextBuilder I improved my writing speed considerably as well as the quality of my Top 10 Best listickles. Now my product reviews are much longer and I can publish more and more new blog posts everyday. Of course, the income has also increased significantly and TextBuilder has been a profit tool for me for a long time, which only earns me money, not spending it.

Dinesh Bhagat

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Powerful Builder Interface

Add Text or Product modules. Then just click on buttons and build the text like a house of bricks.
Just click on Generate and then drag&drop results, edit them or regenerate. Easy, fast and simply!
And our powerful text builder for affiliate blog posts is included in all plans, for free!

What can you create with TextBuilder.ai?

Ads Copy

  • AIDA Framework
  • PAS Framework
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Blog Content

  • Blog Intros
  • Blog Outlines Ideas
  • Bullet Points to Full Blog
  • Blog Post Conclusion

Affiliate Product Reviews

  • Product Reviews Paragraph
  • Review Intro
  • Features we Like
  • Product Pros & Cons

Social Media Content

  • Pinterest Pins
  • Instagram Captions
  • Youtube Video Description
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction


  • Shopify Product Descriptions
  • Product Benefits
  • Amazon Product Features as Bullets
  • Positive Feedback Reply

Websites & Startup

  • Generate Growth Ideas
  • Motto Generator
  • Landing Page Hero Text
  • Listicle for Website

Worlds first
Top 10 Best ...
Listicles Generator

Affiliate marketing is very hot right now, especially the top 10 best listicles. We, too, have been working as affiliate bloggers for years, earning thousands with Amazon Associates.

So we know very well how to write affiliate blog posts and thanks to AI we have created a powerful tool that can easily and quickly generate Top 10 Best lists.

Our one-click AI text builder will help you to write listicles in seconds!.

How it Works?

We are affiliate bloggers too and we know that time is money. That's why we've made everything very simple and easy to use!

Copy & Paste
Step 1

Just Copy & Paste the product title and description from Amazon.

Click on Button
Step 2

Click on the text generation buttons that will write about the product description, design and usability.

Few Seconds
Step 3

Thanks to our trained GPT module, the Top 10 Best product review is ready in a few seconds.

Powerful Builder Interface

Add Text or Product modules. Then just click on buttons and build the text like a house of bricks.
Just click on Generate and then drag&drop results, edit them or regenerate. Easy, fast and simply!
And our powerful text builder for affiliate blog posts is included in all plans, for free!

Save Time and Money Writing 10x Faster.

High Quality Results

No doubt. Text quality plays a huge role in SEO results. That's why we've put countless hours into AI development to ensure the highest possible text quality.

Extremely Fast Generation

Time is money. And we want to save you money, so we've significantly increased the speed of text generation by using the latest GPT technology for synchronous processing and output.

Content That Rank

We all want to get as high as possible in Google results. That's the goal of our blogs and income. All the texts we generate are created with the idea of getting as high as possible in Google.

100% Unique Text

Nobody wants copy/paste or duplicated spun text. Neither do we. That's why we generate text using our own trained GPT-J, GPT-Neox to provide the most unique texts that can pass copyscape tests.

Top Notch Support

Don't worry if things don't work out or if you don't understand something. TextBuilder.ai users can expect fast, friendly, premium support from our knowledgeable team members.

A Friendly Price Always!

We invest a lot of money in training text and developing new tools & AI features. And we'll always guarantee you a friendly price!

Try Before Buy! Free Trial!

We'll give you 1'000 credits for free!

What do our clients say

I've been using TextBuilder.ai for a while now, and I'm very happy with the results! I'm definitely one of the few people who overthink everything (I spend so much time thinking about copywriting that I lose focus on actually writing), and TextBuilder.ai has given me the confidence to put my thoughts down on paper and get a better understanding of my readers. I also find it very easy to use and is super fast, which is amazing when you're trying to write for your blog and your audience is expecting something by a certain time.

Amy Griffith from GetAmycakes.com

I love TextBuilder.ai! I started using it within 5 minutes of registering for it. I'm able to create beautiful, attention-grabbing content that actually converts. I use TextBuilder.ai on a daily basis and highly recommend it to all of my clients.

AIO Affiliate Marketer

I don't have the most experience with AI tools, so I was a bit skeptical when I first used TextBuilder.ai. But it's been a complete game-changer for me - my conversion rates are through the roof! It's the best writing tool I've ever used. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their content marketing, especially if you're struggling with writing for SEO or conversion.

Luke Cleaver Marketing & SEO freelancer

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